New Installation or Refinishing?

Whether you need new hardwood flooring installation or hardwood flooring refinishing, you need a contractor who is a specialist and experienced in what you need. Some are better at refinishing, some better at new installations, and some are equally good at both. How do you know? Look at their website if they have one, then call them and ask.

If they say they are skilled and experienced in both, ask to see something to back it up. They may have a small showroom or at least an office where you can visit and talk with them about their work. For proof and peace of mind, portfolios and references are your best bet. Check out their website, if this doesn’t offer a portfolio, talk to them directly and ask them for pictures of their work and former clients you can talk to. This may seem like a lot of work, but this is a long-term investment, do your research.

Details Matter, Ask Lots of Questions

Once you find your specialist in what you want done, whether refinishing or new installations, then begin comparing quality of work and prices. This will vary widely based on what you need to have done and what sort of materials you choose, so it is at this point when an on site consultation or estimate is necessary.

The contractor will need to come to your project site to see what you have and what you need in order to give you an accurate estimate. Remember the details, and ask lots of questions about add on charges, transportation charges, etc. The more detailed the estimate, the better. It is often worth paying a small consultation fee to get a more accurate assessment of what you need. Get everything in writing, and read the fine print before you sign anything.

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