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Refinishing And Repairing Old Wood Floors

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The flooring experts at Jerry’s Dust Free Flooring are a family business proudly servicing the Chicagoland region. Our in-house team of flooring experts can handle any project, big or little. At Jerry’s Dust Free Flooring, we’ve been doing what we love for years: offering exceptional hardwood flooring at costs every homeowner can afford. Hardwood floor repair and hardwood floor refinishing Barlett is our forte. View our previous work, read testimonials, and contact us for a no-cost in-home quote.

Dust-Free Flooring by Jerry
Resanding, Refinishing And Restoring Hardwood Floors Are Services That We Provide.

Wood Floor Refinishing And Repair 

Even if your hardwood floors have been severely damaged as a result of heavy furniture being moved, canine accidents, or years of usage, we can help. Hardwood floors that have been badly damaged, such as those that have been stripped down to the bare wood or have deep gouges and scratches, are no match for our flooring professionals. Our services will restore the shine and smoothness of your beautiful hardwood floors to their original condition.

Wood Floors Refinishing Barlett

When your flooring has been severely damaged, our floor restoration service is the best option (deep scratches, warped boards, etc.). We sand the floors down to the bare wood, apply a stain of your choosing, then seal and cover them with a high-quality polyurethane. This treatment is a great way to protect your investment and is far more cost-effective than a complete floor replacement.

Standard Practice Of Sanding Hardwood Floors

Your present hardwood flooring may be damaged, or you may just be ready for a change in style. We have restored and repaired numerous floors made of hardwood, whether they were in homes or commercial structures. Acquiring a vast amount of knowledge. Floors may be sanded down and finished properly to make them seem like new again with our help.