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Refinishing And Restoration Of Hardwood Floors

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A family-run flooring business, Jerry’s Dust Free Flooring serves the Roselle area and its surroundings. Our knowledgeable and expert flooring contractors perform each and every one of our assignments internally. Here at Jerry’s Dust Free Flooring, we’ve been doing what we love for years: offering homeowners the best hardwood flooring refinishing Roselle at reasonable costs. We are experts in restoring and wood floor refinishing Roselle. We invite you to look at our portfolio, read customer feedback and book a free estimate at your location.

Dust-Free Flooring By Jerry
We Provide Refinishing, Restoration, And Sanding For Hardwood Floors

Restoration Of Hardwood Floors

Even if your hardwood floors have suffered major damage from moving furniture, big pets, or years of usage, we can still help. In addition to rough floors with stripped or naked wood or significant gouges and scratches, our flooring technicians are experienced in repairing badly damaged hardwood floors. We'll restore the polish and shine of those gorgeous hardwood floors to their former condition.

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Roselle

For flooring that has sustained significant damage, our floor refinishing Roselle service is excellent (deep scratches, warped boards, etc.). The floors are stripped down to their naked wood, stained in the color of your choosing, then sealed and covered with high-quality polyurethane. This service is far more affordable than completely replacing the floor and is a great way to protect your investment.

Sanding Of Hardwood Floors

Maybe the hardwood flooring you already have needs to be repaired, or maybe you simply want to alter the color. Regardless of the situation, our specialists have repaired and restored various hardwood flooring surfaces in both residential and commercial structures. Acquiring extensive knowledge. Your floors may be restored and made to seem like new by having the appropriate finish applied after we sand them down.